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3 Levels of Learning

If you are an executive and all of your improvement efforts are a "battle" or "unsustainable", you might be suffering from the "disease of immediacy".
Wanting the improvements and benefits quicker then your organization is willing or able to produce them because they are not allowed to go through the levels of learning.

Our Approach

The Current State Phase:  (Approx. 2-3 weeks)

We jointly evaluate the business using diagnostic tools to determine how the organization is currently performing.
Some of the tools we use:

Maintenance Requirements Pyramid

World Class Maintenance
Area Work Teams 
Process Maintenance Teams
Risk Based Maintenance
Integrated Process Maintenance Systems
Shutdown Cyde Time Compression (CTC)
Computerized Maintenance System
Autonomous Maintenance
Bill of Materials (BOM)
Maintenance Master Schedule
Planned Maintenance Routines (PMR)
Predictive Routines (CBM)
Plant Master Plan
Spares Policy Management
Standards and Specifications
Equipment History
Weekly Plan
Weekly Maintenance Report
Maintenance Cast Report
Resource Skills Matrix
Equipment Numbering System
Critical Equipment
Work Order System
Daily Plan
Maintenance KPI’5
Daily Maintenance Report
Maintenance Cost Structure
Short Internal control (SIC)
Production Plan
> 80% Implemented
>40% <80% Implemented
<40% Implemented
Input Data

World Class Manufacturing Pyramid

World Class Manufacturng
Integrated Supplier Pull System
Voice of the Customer / QFD
Self Learning Organization
JIT Production
Supplier / Customer Partnerships
Total Productive Maintenance (TPM)
Design of Experiments (DOE)
Cell Manufacturing
Economic Order Quantities
Supplier Management
Poka Yoke
Autonomous Maintenance 
Capacity Planning
Structured Bill of Materials
Formal Root Cause Analysis
Eliminating MUDA
Integrated SFM
Visual Factory
Preventive Maintenance
In-line quality inspection
Inventory Management Program
Top Management Vision
Basic Problem Solving Techniques
Work Standards and Specifications
Production SFM
Production Loss Tracking
Planned Maintenance
Final Product Inspection
Short Interval Control
> 80% Implemented
> 40% < 80% Implemented
< 40% Implemented
*One-on-One Confidential Focus Interviews, Supervisor Behavior Studies, and Process Flow Evaluations
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The Business Case Phase:  (Approx. 1 week)
We jointly identify and calculate potential benefits from the implemented improvements and determine your organization’s investment required for using an outside resource to accelerate theimprovements.
The Project Phase (Implementation): (Duration TBD)

Align. Implement. Sustain

In order for your organization to sustain the improvements,
your organization must go through:
The 3 levels of learning:

MECHANICAL: (Align Phase and Implement Phase)

1-3 month duration

This level can be best described as the "robotic" phase, or "put the number in the box phase." Your organization will provide the information that is requested at first pretty regularly. Then the phone calls and emails will start looking for the information, and it will be "painstakingly" provided. We assist your organization with coaching the individuals to keep "putting the number in the box" reassuring them that they will understand soon, where we are going, and soliciting input from the organization.

CONCEPTUAL: (Implement Phase and Sustain Phase)

3-7 month duration

This level is where "the light bulb" starts to come on, with regards to where we are going, what the information is used for, and most important what it is telling the organization. This is the phase where improvements will start to show up, your organization will better understand where we are going, and the "battle" for information is greatly decreased. At this point, we start to coach the individuals on more specific areas such as; data interpretation, supervisor skills, and more fine tuning of improvements.

OWNERSHIP: (Sustain Phase)

7-????? month duration

We know when an organization has reached this level; the information "battle" is over, improvements are significantly being realized, individuals are actively participating in improvement efforts, implemented improvements are in place, and little follow up is needed to ensure "the new way of doing business" is in place. We now start to take more questions on specific coaching situations, and see work life balance greatly improved.

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Project Planing

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What We Do

We are driven by our three guiding principles:


We assist your organization to gain a clear understanding of where we are and where we are going; incorporating management’s strategic vision is critical to this process.


Working along side your people, we jointly design, model and implement improvements; then monitor the changes and make adjustments as necessary.


Using the three levels of learning, we ensure that the implemented improvements are in place and working as designed.

People. Process. Systems (Technology)

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Mechanical Gear
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